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The St Marys River 

an enjoyable experience for all

The summer river in front of our BnB with the Rails to Trails bridge in background

The river

The winter river in front of the BnB

The BnB beside the winter river

Beautiful in the summer and the winter, the St Marys River originates high in the Selkirk Mountain Range and flows to Fort Steele where it joins the Kootenay River. The river is primarily class 11 paddling water. There is one class 111 rapids at the "S" Bends near the Kimberley Campgrounds. 

The river

The lower river has many views of the Rocky Mountains 

The "S" Turns : the only Class 111 section

There are many hoodoo formations along the river

The St Marys River is designated as a Class ll fishing river, one of seven in the East Kootenays.  Class ll rivers are considered to be highly productive trout (cutthroat) streams.  Special licences are required and may be purchased on-line or at licenced vendors. Fishers can walk and wade along our property and the fishing is superb. 

Dry fly fishing is at its best in August and September .

Float the river yourself with your own pontoon boat or raft. We have a boat launch. We can recommend a stretch of the river which is right for you. We provide a  shuttle service for  $25 - $35.

How green is our river!

An example of a beautiful native Westslope Cutthroat trout. 

Walk and wading

The St Marys river is ideal for float fishing in pontoon boats

Visitors may fish the river or enjoy the clear waters while paddling or rafting.  Many people relax on the banks with a picnic lunch and/or swim in the many pools along the route of the St Marys River. (note: swimming in July is in Canadian terms-refreshing-while August is wonderful on a sunny warm day)

The St Marys is fun to raft with family of all ages.

The St Marys is ideal for kayaking : nice and warm in the summer

View of Fort Steele from the lower river.

The St Marys is a family float